Top 4 to Make your stay in Rhodes, an immersive experience! -

Top 4 to Make your stay in Rhodes, an immersive experience!

2 Less-Known Destinations in Rhodes Worth Discovering
March 11, 2022

Rhodes is a lovely Greek Island with an array of exciting and unique activities. From endless beaches to beautiful coastal roads and castles, and unique experiences ,Rhodes has something for everyone, whether you’re into art, architecture, nature, tradition, and adventure. Every trip to the island should include both swimming and a discovery trip about its history. But there is much more that keeps travelers coming back year after year.

Let’s discover 4 unusual things that you can do while in Rhodes to enhance your stay into an immersive experience!



At the Rhodes town beach, you’ll notice a huge concrete diving board in the middle of the sea.The slide is open all day, and people of all ages climb the steps and leap from the platform every day.

Be wary, though: it’s much higher than it appears! When you’re not jumping off the Elli Beach Trampoline, enjoy one of the many beach bars, or rest in the abundant choice of top-quality beach bars nearby.

Hint: The Trampoline in Rhodes is so famous, that even Apple featured it in their official Instagram account.


Where is the trampoline?


Are you excited to go into the mountains? Rhodes has many traditional villages to discover and explore. A visit to Monolithos will convince you. Traditional architecture, an epic castle with great views, and some of the best restaurants on the island.

How to get to Monolithos



Here they’re known for their honey, but also a spirit called Souma. Souma is a distilled spirit from grapes made the traditional way with 40degress of alcohol! Combine souma with some local mezedes (plates similar the spanish “tapas” but with local delicacies such as dolmades, keftedakia, olives or different salty fishes such as skoumpri, anchoves etc and some freshly baked local bread!

Directions to Siana



Apolakkia Dam is an interesting and unique area. You can have a paddleboard and cruise the lake to the mysterious sunken church. The church was flooded when the manmade lake was created, and the water levels now fluctuate with the season.

Apollakia Dam Location


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