Elephant Rent a Moto

Rental Policy – General Terms


Driver and License Requirements

Driver’s age: Minimum 21 years old (driving license for at least 1 year).

Driver’s age: Minimum 23 years old for UTV & Motorcycles >600cc (driving license for at least 1 year)

A deviation from the minimum age is possible depending on the vehicle. Certain regulations apply related to minimum age and possession of driver’s license which can be found during the booking process depending on the booked vehicle.

The renter and all approved drivers must be in possession of a full, valid driving license for at least one year and present it together with an identity card or passport. Furthermore, the following conditions apply depending on the issuing country of the driving license.

National driving licenses accepted from:

EU Nations and Norway, Iceland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and N. Ireland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, USA, Australia, Canada.

National driving licenses with Latin characters accepted from:

Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Central African Republic, Chile, Congo, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, North Macedonia, Georgia, Ghana, Guyana, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, South Africa, South Korea, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam & Zimbabwe.

All Other Countries and licenses printed with non-Roman Alphabet (Arabic, Japanese, and Cyrillic):

National Driving license must be accompanied by a valid International Driving Permit.

Provisional licenses are not accepted


Driving License Registration Level:

Scooters – Motorcycles

Up to 50 cc: AM, M, L

Up to 125 cc: A1

Up to 400 cc: A2

Over 400 cc: A


UTV – ATV – Beach Buggy

B License is required


Payment Method

All credit cards by internationally recognized credit card companies:

American Express, Eurocard/Mastercard, Diners Club, Visa and debit cards (Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro) are accepted.


Travelers Check or any third-party credit cards or prepaid cards are not accepted.


All payments can be completed in cash in € (euro) currency.


The payment must be completed by the driver or additional driver and the credit / debit card must be issued in the name of one of the above. This must be presented at the time of vehicle pick-up and has to be valid at this time.


Online Payment

Easy and Secure Online Reservation System which customers can use to book their vehicle(s) is provided. All payments made using a credit / debit card are processed through the electronic payment platform and uses TLS 1.2 encryption protocol with 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL). Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.


Insurance & Coverage (Legal Liability Insurance)

Our vehicles are insured with Third Party Insurance.

Third Party Insurance protection coverage includes a maximum cover of 1.300.000,00 € for material damages and 1.300.000,00 € for personal injuries to third parties except the driver of the rented vehicle. Excluded from the protection is the use of the vehicle for the transport of dangerous goods. All protection as part of the rental contract will become void in particular, if an unauthorized driver has used the vehicle or if the driver of the vehicle does not possess the required driver’s license at the time of the event giving rise to claim.

What’s not covered:

Theft or attempted theft of the vehicle

Theft of personal belongings from the vehicle

Natural disasters or vandalism

Death or injury to the driver of the rented vehicle

Damage to any part of the rented vehicle

Damage cost caused intentionally or by negligence

Damage cost as a result of a breach of the company’s rental terms and conditions or general policy.


Security Deposit

On arrival to the rental office, a refundable security deposit is required via Credit / Debit card or cash. Credit / debit card must be issued in the name of the main or the additional driver.

Once the rental is completed and the vehicle is returned and checked by the office assistants, the deposit will be fully refunded.

In case of any damages or fuel difference additional charges will occur and holded from the amount of the deposit. If the damages exceed the amount of the deposit, the extra cost must be paid separately from the renter, according to our rental policy.

Security Deposit Categories

Scooters from 50cc to 199cc: 300 €

Scooters from 200cc to 499cc: 400€

Motorcycles 50cc to 299cc: 300€

Motorcycles 300cc to 499cc: 400€

Motorcycles from 500cc to 999cc: 700€

ATV’s from 50cc to 299cc: 400€

ATV’s from 300cc to 599cc: 500€

ATV’s from 600cc to 800cc: 700€

Beach Buggies from 1.000cc to 1400cc: 500€

UTV’s Polaris RZR 570cc: 700€

UTV’s Polaris RZR XP, XP 4S & Trail S 1000cc: 1000€


Cancelation / No-show

  1. All booking types up to 48 hours before the day the rental was due to begin: No cancellation fee (Request and confirmation is required)
  2. All booking types less than 48 hours before the day the rental was due to begin: No refund

No-show (Failed to show up): No refund

In the event that the booked vehicle is not collected or not collected at the agreed time, Elephant Rent a Moto company will cancel the reservation 3 hours after and the rental charge already paid shall be withheld in full.


Booking Changes

Bookings can be changed up to 48 hours before the rental, depending on availability. Elephant Rent a Moto has the right to

provide a vehicle of similar category if the selected one is not available or change the category of the vehicle if the drivers

documents do not meet the vehicles license category requirements.




Refunds shall not be issued for:

  1. Non-collection
  2. Late collection
  3. Early return
  4. Extra Fuel at check-out
  5. Changes on bookings with less cost than the first booking agreement
  6. Any case that opposes Elephant Rent a Moto Rental Policy



Elephant Rent a Moto will proceed with a refund in a time range of 24 hours. Elephant Rent a Moto takes no responsibility for

the extra time needed for the involved banks to process the refund. All refund requests can take up to 30 days to be completed

depending on the card holder’s issuing bank.



Pick-up Location


The pick-up and drop-off of our vehicles must be placed on one of our offices. Delivery of the vehicles in different locations

is not provided. Delivery or transfer from / to the airport is not provided. A free transfer is provided upon request in a limited

8km area range from our offices. In case of a transfer request outside of the limited area range, customer must contact

Elephant Rent a Moto.



Included in your booking cost:


Kilometer / Mileage Allowance

All vehicles are provided with an unlimited Kilometer / Mileage Allowance

Helmets Provided

Helmets for every passenger are provided

Roadside Assistance

24-hour roadside assistance is provided

Additional Equipment

Baby seats, baby booster, are provided under request


Rental Terms and Conditions

Off-Road Driving is not permitted

All of our vehicles are not allowed to go off-road (beach, sand, mud, rivers, rocky terrain, etc.). In that case the insurance is

not valid, roadside assistance is not applied and the renter will be charged the costs of towing if needed plus a 50€ fine that

must be paid at the office upon check-out.


Ferrying the vehicle is prohibited

The renter is not allowed to travel outside the borders of the island. In that case, insurance and road assistance are not valid.


GPS monitoring

For the above purposes and for the safety of the renter and the vehicle, GPS monitoring may occur.


Legal Restrictions

Driving under the influence of Alcohol or Narcotics is strictly prohibited, it is against the law and in any case the vehicle is

not insured. The driver(s) and passenger(s) must always wear his/her seatbelt(s) and/or helmet(s) at all times, while driving.

The renter is responsible for any fines that may occur in case of disregard of international road rules (parking on yellow

lines, exceeding speed limits, disregard of seat belts or helmets etc.).


Fuel Policy

The renter must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as he collected it. In case the fuel is less than the amount

received during the pick-up the difference will be charged locally after the check-out with an additional charge fee of 10€

(refueling service charge). In case the fuel is more than the amount received during the pick-up Elephant Rent a Moto

cannot return extra fuel added or the cost of it. Damage costs or any maintenance expenses caused by incorrect fuel type,

must be covered by the renter.



Additional Charges

Additional charges may occur due to the following:

  1. Extreme dirtiness of the vehicle
  2. Damages under the vehicle
  3. Damages on the tires
  4. Spare parts damage or theft (windshield, stickers, wipers, mirrors, etc)
  5. Loss of registration plate
  6. Loss or damage of the keys
  7. Towing costs
  8. Lack of electricity because of forgotten turned on switch or electrical devices
  9. Damage caused by unproper use
  10. Incident administration fee



Drop-off Time and Location


The renter is obliged to return the rented vehicle with any additional equipment provided, without delay to the Company’s

office by the time of expiration or in any way of termination of the contract.


Failing to return the vehicle before the expiration will affect Elephant Rent a Moto Company’s smooth operation and quality

of the rentals and will cause the charge of a Late Return Fee.



Late Return Fee and Collection Service

If the vehicle is returned:

  1. up to three hours after the agreed date/time, then a Late Return Fee of 50% of the daily rental price will be charged.
  2. over three hours after the agreed date/time, the Late Return Fee will be charged plus the cost of an additional day of rental.


Returning the vehicle in a different location than the check-in is possible with an additional 10€ charge for the

Collection Service and after informing Elephant Rent a Moto via e-mail or by contacting one of our offices.



Driver’s experience and Safety


Elephant Rent a Moto priority is the customers safety. During the process of the vehicle check-in, Elephant Rent a Moto

assistants may pause the rental and propose an alternative rental solution if they estimate that it will be critical for the

customers safety.





Extensions on the rental period must be completed with physical presence of the renter by signing a new rental agreement

or remotely with full payment via our online booking system.


Additional / Other Terms


The terms of the contract apply even in case of replacement of the originally rented vehicle, or extension of the rental. Any

modification of the terms on the contract is invalid unless agreed in writing. The Company reserves the right to immediately

terminate the rental in case of breach of its terms, as well as an immediate vehicle collection. This complaint does not preclude,

the Company to claim the renter’s debts agreed on the contract, nor the charge of the renter with the relevant recovery costs

of the hired vehicle.



Applicable Law.


This Agreement shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Greek Government and

Greek Courts.


The court of Rhodes is responsible for resolving any dispute from the interpretation or application of the agreement.


In case of more renters, they will be jointly and severally liable for the fulfilment without exception of all the renter’s

obligations provided under the contract.



Rental agreement


During the pick-up process the company assistants will take a video of the vehicle so to capture its latest condition

in presence of the renter. Furthermore, the renter consents to the collection, processing and use of his/her personal data

(ID or Passport number, driver’s license number, name, surname, age, gender, nationality, email address, credit or debit card information, etc.

required for the purpose of the services provided by Elephant Rent-a-Moto, according to the Privacy Policy.


The Company is not responsible for the loss or destruction of any assets of the renter and / or a third party, located inside or on the rented vehicle.