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2022: Elephant Rent a Moto Staff Choice of the best places to visit in Rhodes

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Motoring around Rhodes is a great way to see the island. Besides, getting about on your own two wheels means you get to experience the countryside and its other-worldly beaches. You deserve to enjoy Rhodes Island on your own terms – with some help from us! Let us take care of all the details so that when it comes time to ride off into the sunset (or sunrise!), there will be nothing left but smiles and memories. Get ready to experience Rhodes like never before with Elephant Rent a Moto. So, whether you want to ride off into the sunset or cruise on a comfortable bike, stop by Elephant Rent a Moto to enjoy the best available vehicles in Rhodes.

Elephant Rent a Moto the top motorcycle rental in Rhodes according to Tripadvisor reviews, offering an extensive collection of quality bikes, scooters, and quads on Rhodes Island. Our staff is eagerly awaiting your arrival to Rhodes! We love discovering the hidden beauties of this island and can’t wait for you to find them too. We’ve put together a quick list of three must visit places in Rhodes!


The cosmopolitan Choice: Lindos

Lindos is a wonderful place to spend your time. It’s relaxed and full of character, with so much to see and do! The views from the top of the Acropolis of Lindos are breathtaking, while a warm and inviting sandy beach will replenish your soul. This is the ideal place for the travveller. With 5000 years of history and some of the most fascinating myths to surround the village, you can spend a whole day here, and get lost into this unique mosaic of history, nature, culinary experiences, nightlife and cosmopolitan attitude without getting bored for a minute! You can find beaches, fine restaurants, casual pubs, roof top cocktail bars, lots and lots of archaeological sites, pirate houses, aegean and byzantine architecture. This village is not called propably the pretiest village of Greece by mistake! This is the ideal place for travellers looking to slow down and enjoy life. It’s a great destination if you want something off-the-beaten track, yet still accessible with plenty of things to see and do regarding the history and culture of Rhodes!

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Smells like yum: Embona Village

Embona village is located on the slopes of Mt. Ataviros (Rhodes’s highest peak at 3,986 feet) is where you’ll find Rhodes’s wine country. The village of Embonas is Rhodes’ wine capital. The area specializes in two wines. Athiri is a vibrant and fruity white wine that has fruity and honey tones. It pairs well with poultry, pork, pasta, grilled fish, and white cheeses. Mandilaria is a rich and intense red wine that has hints of pomegranate and pairs well with grilled and stewed meats, spicy sauces, and mild cheeses. Embona is a great destination for enjoying local traditional dishes. Katimeri, a pie with goat cheese, Koulousafas, kind of sausage with rice, minced pork meat and local spices and Lampriotis, a wooden oven slow-cooked rice, lamp dish and of course top-quality lamp chops are some of the dishes that you could find in Embona.

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An unparalleled natural experience: Valley of Butterflies

For those who desire a landscape that refreshes the mind and frees the soul , this is the ideal choice, especially for families! Escape from your everyday obligations and try meditating in the shade under the majestic trees, surrounded by butterflies and wander the park that’s filled with unparalleled beauty, admire nature’s creations which will definitely bring you inner peace. The Valley of Butterflies (in Greek ‘’Petaloudes’’) is a natural reserve in the northern part of the island. It is as idyllic as it sounds, and it is worth a visit. It has been one of the most famous attractions on the island for decades. This earthly habitat offers an enchanting landscape, dense vegetation, stunning wooden bridges, cobblestone paths, small ponds, never-ending waterfalls, peaceful atmosphere, and an overall extraordinary experience for its visitors.

This is a unique place as there is a natural forest of Liquidambar Orientalis trees(Oriental Sweetgum) or ‘’Zitia’’ in Greek, which makes it one of the only biotopes hosting these trees in Europe. It is here where you will have the chance to meet the lovely butterfly species named Panaxia Quadripunctaria!

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